Copy by Her is run by me, Sam!


I work with powerhouse business owners to make waves and create a killer brand and copy that feeds your ideal clients.


As a solopreneur, I am so much of my business, and my business is so much of me. I don’t believe that those two worlds should be kept separate. 


So here’s a taste of the beliefs and marketing approach of Copy by Her:


Authenticity is everything!

Let’s be real and actually show up as our whole selves in our businesses. 


When you are the real you through and through and reflect that in your business, the people that deeply align with you will find you. And those connections are SO much more meaningful than a random 1-off sale.


Be your ______ self!

Your sassy self, your spiritual self, your badass self. Whoever you are, be THAT person. 


Stop hiding the parts of you that you think are “unprofessional.” Trust me, when you start sinking into who you are at your core, marketing yourself becomes WAY more fun.


When you know who you are, you can grow who you are!

Changemakers, deep-thinkers, big -feelers that are committed to their personal growth and continue to reflect on themselves are my kind of people!


When you sink deeper into your knowing and own who you are at your core, that’s when you tap into your inner fire!

Meet Her

Hey, I'm Sam!

I have a confession to make…


For a long time, I allowed my voice to disappear into the background.


I felt like my voice, my message, my essence wasn’t being heard, and for some time, I allowed that to continue.


But now, well, I’m 1000% me and don’t hide a single corner of Her. I’m sassy, I’m empathetic, I’m a bit woo woo, and I drop the F-bomb on the reg.


Which is why now, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that your important message gets heard by the right people.


My background in education, events, and promotions has lead me to love working collaboratively with others and use my creativity to spark a  change for others.

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