When you know who you are, you can grow who you are.


Do old-school sales tactics make your stomach churn? Cool- me too. As an empath, writer, and you know, a HUMAN. I'm all about meaningful marketing and creating a presence that is SO aligned with who you are that it's easy to show up in your biz each day.

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Mate, nowadays it’s not enough to have an amazing offer; you gotta know how to sell it and know how to speak to your peeps in a way that doesn’t turn them off and have them heading for the hills.


As a business owner, I know that running a business requires you to wear about 7 different hats throughout the day. But I genuinely believe that if you want to make waves, you gotta be in your area of magic to create a current. 


In other words, know when to delegate and bring in others that align with you and your message!


I help business owners get rooted in a brand they love and share their message with the right people!

Meet Her


Hey, I'm Sam!

I have a confession to make…


For a long time, I allowed my voice to disappear into the background.


I felt like my voice, my message, my essence wasn’t being heard, and for some time, I allowed that to continue.


But now, well, I’m 1000% me and don’t hide a single corner of Her. I’m sassy, I’m empathetic, I’m a bit woo woo, and I drop the F-bomb on the reg.


Which is why now, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that your important message gets heard by the right people.


My background in education, events, and promotions has lead me to love working collaboratively with others and use my creativity to spark a  change for others.

Check me out for reals on my socials!

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Coffee on Desk

Her Services

Brand Strategy Consulting

Brand Handbook Creation

Email Funnels

Social Media Captions

Product Descriptions


Website Copy

Landing Pages

Sales Pages


Company & Personal Bios

Brochures & Mailers


Her Clients

EVOLVE logo.png

Ivanna, Evolve Showrooms

I had an incredible experience working with Sam from Copy by Her. She was exceptionally professional, efficient, and produced great copy for my monthly newsletter for my business. It’s great to work with someone who can put themselves in your shoes and effortlessly understand your needs as a business. 10/10 recommend Copy by Her!


Jessica, Jessica Jane Candles

Sam at Copy by Her has done blogging for our candle business. Not only does she have an amazing style of writing, but she also has plenty of knowledge on how websites and how SEO works. We were really happy with how she carried out full research on our website and company before submitting any writing.
Highly recommend, she will not disappoint!


Joanne, Minima Basics

It was such a pleasure working with Sam (Copy By Her), she helped me voice out exactly what I wanted my brand to sound like. I will definitely work with her again in the future as my brand grows. If you are looking for a good copywriter, you don't need to think twice!


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Contact Her


Reach out to me so we can get started on the next step for your business. Tell me about your business and what type of copy you are considering. If you're not sure, that is okay too! I can help you create a plan designed specifically to your business' needs.

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